Lindy Hop Workshop – November 21st in Reno

Lindy Hop Workshop coming up at UNR on November 21st.

Lindy Hop Workshop coming up at UNR on November 21st.


We are excited to present our first Lindy Hop workshop. Clay and Cullen will be teaching a 3-hour workshop on Saturday, November 21st at the University of Nevada Reno from 1-4 PM. This workshop will benefit UNR’s Wolf Pack Swing Dance Club, and will be followed by social dancing until 7 PM. The workshop will be held in the Rotunda at the Knowledge Center on campus.

The workshop is open to the general public in addition to students – reserve your spot and purchase your workshop pass HERE. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at


Here is a short bio on the teachers, Clay and Cullen:

Products of the swing revival of the late 1990’s, Clay & Cullen Mitchell met (officially) on the dance floor in late 2000, and started teaching together shortly thereafter. They have traveled throughout North America, dancing socially and honing their skills. They have taught regular group classes, private lessons and workshops in Northern California. They moved to the Reno area almost 2 years ago, and are excited to share their passion for Lindy Hop, their favorite partner dance.


Lindy Hop is an energetic, engaging and most of all fun partner dance that was incubated in the ballrooms of Harlem to the sound of some of the premier swing bands of the early 1930’s. Lindy Hop underwent a revival in the early 1990’s when small, dedicated groups of Swedish and American dancers searched for, and found, some of the original professional swing dancers and convinced them to share the dance. Vintage swing dancing, and especially lindy hop, now exists in cities throughout the US and is also popular across Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.

This is a dance for everyone, there’s no need to have any previous dance experience and people of all ages, shapes and walks of life are part of the lindy hop community. The Wolf Pack Swing Dance Club and lindy hop scenes around the world focus on inclusivity, providing a fun, safe space for socializing and dancing, and on having fun while connecting with another dancer for about three to four minutes (the typical length of a swing tune)!

We hope to see you at the workshop – if you’re coming, wear comfy clothes, bring a water bottle and shoes that have some slip to them.

Hello world!

You have found a dedicated and growing group of swing dancers in the Reno/Tahoe/Carson City area.

We are bringing Vintage Swing Dancing (Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Charleston, Shag, Balboa) to the Reno area. We are also a resource for information about West Coast Swing Dancing and Blues and Fusion Dancing.


We are just getting the website up and running, so bear with us.  We are active on our Facebook page, and are starting to flesh out our calendar of dancing opportunities.